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I have written about before: “A place to share knowledge and better understand the world”. It’s a great website if you have a burning question to ask; or, if you have expertise you can share with the world. I obviously answer questions about lawn care, gardening, landscaping, trees, blogging and side-hustles.

Once, I blitzed the site with lots of answers just to get to a top 10 ranking in certain categories, like landscaping. Then I realized it was a lot of free labor and time that could have been spent on better things. Like an actual side-gig for real clients.


One day I checked the site and found out, to my great surprise, that Quora was now allowing users to monetize their answers. Now, all of a sudden, it made sense to spend some time on the site, answering questions and sharing my expertise.

And the bonus is that some of the questions people ask can be developed into blog posts. Especially when many people ask the same question. One example was a question about mowing in the rain. Many people worried about mowing their lawns in the rain.

78 cents

Today I got an email reminder from Quora to check my account, so I did. And I’m glad I did because there was exactly 78 cents in my account! Yay. Now Quora officially became another income stream. I won’t be retiring anytime soon, but I will be scanning people’s questions and answering the best ones. I’m hoping to earn more money and find new blog post topics. Some ideas can be nicely developed into 500 word blog posts.

Open mind

Sure, I usually log on as an expert landscape horticulturist and fire away with my brilliant answers. But I’m also open minded and willing to learn. It’s nice to read other people’s answers to the same question. That’s one way to learn new things and approaches. Think of it as a gold mine of ideas.

Sometimes I like someone so much, I follow them. You can’t stop learning.

Chances are, you too have some special knowledge you could share with the world. Visit and check it out. You might learn something and create a new income stream for yourself. I did and I like it.

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