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May 2015

Your Safety Equipment

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Safety has to be taken seriously. Employers have to comply with WCB regulations that aim to protect the health and well-being of all employees. Are the contractors you hire thinking about safety?


A) safety goggles
B) gloves
C) high visibility vest
D) water and stain resistant work pants with extra pockets
E) STIHL Landscape Pro steel-toe, lawngrips

And do NOT forget hearing protection when working with or around machines. Some companies pay for annual hearing tests.

Stay safe!

Garden Giant Gunnera

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Gunnera manicata is one of the biggest and most spectacular herbaceous plants. It requires a lot of space and is best used as specimen plant in damp bog gardens or beside ponds.

The fat growth buds clustered in the crown are prone to frost damage so cut back the leaves in the fall and pile them over the buds for winter protection.


Picture A is from fall 2014; picture B is from spring 2015.

The Show Is Over….

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Pulling spent bulbs is a pleasant seasonal garden task. Yes, sadly, the show is over but we’re making room for annuals! Tulips put on a good show, maybe two and then become erratic. It’s best to change your spring tulip display and get new ones.

Unlike tulips, the bulbs pictured below are all “re-usable”. Daffodils can be naturalized, and the blue Anemones become perennials. Hyacinths are incredibly fragrant. Plant the spent bulbs with their green stalks and cut them back when totally retracted. Another option is drying the bulbs and planting them in the fall.

Enjoy planning your display for next spring.


The show is over…..


Religiously pull every single bulb…..

bulb3A Hyacinth
B Anemone
C Daffodil