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March 2015

Vas’ (our Arborist) Favorite Plants… What Are Yours?

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We all have our favorite plants. This is my top three. What are yours?

  1. Davidia Involucrata – aka, Ghost Tree
  2. Doronicum Orientale
  3. Albizia Julibrissen – aka, Silk Tree; once you experience its amazing scent you won’t forget it, it doesn’t leaf out until June!

Why Aerate Lawns?

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IMG_5279Aeration allows more water and oxygen to enter the root zone and thus leads to a healthier lawn. If you only do one thing to your lawn, aerate it!

The picture shows a core sample with minimal rooting. Aeration with proper fertilizer and irrigation schedule would be the recommended course of action.


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Hellebores flower in late winter and early spring when the landscape is still asleep.

If you haven’t already, clip the brown and black foliage. As long as you don’t attempt to move them, Hellebores will warm up your garden every winter and into spring.

Making Proper Cuts

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cutsThe best cut is at (B) just above the branch collar (C). The stub (A) dies and can introduce disease into the tree; the tree cannot close the wound until the stub is removed. The branch collar houses repair cells which means we also do not want to cut into the collar.

Practice making Proper cuts and your trees will be that much healthier for it.

Blooming NOW!!

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Cherry, Ribes sanguineum ‘King Edward’, Clematis, and Camellia