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Reading about seeds, scandal and Darwin

By February 26, 2016 No Comments

Reading about seeds, scandal and Darwin

The February 2016 Alive magazine ( has an interesting story on reading, “A good read” by Vanessa Annand. The article mentions research which credits reading with making us better people: more empathetic, less stressed and even healthier.

Some article highlights:

Reading just 30 minutes per week led to greater life satisfaction and enhanced social connections

Literary fiction helps us “read” people better in real life

Reading may delay the onset of dementia

Those who read for pleasure feel less stressed

Fiction scored better than non-fiction but this is a green blog so let’s take a chance. I am about to share my recent green reads. And they were a blast to read. I would disagree with the conclusion that non-fiction is for loners. Find your own favorite books and share the titles in the comments below.

The Triumph of  Seeds Thor Hanson

If you drink coffee and eat breakfast you already have an intimate knowledge of seeds. What I find fascinating is that seeds contain everything they need inside and some can survive dormant for hundreds of years! Then somehow conditions become just right and a new plant emerges.

Some seed coats are extremely tough to crack; some seeds open up from forest fire smoke, not the fire itself. This book is fascinating.


The Scent of Scandal Craig Pittman

This is a true story about a rare orchid and an international scandal that erupted around it. Personally, I think orchids are OK. They are interesting and play a huge role in the plant kingdom. I am not in love with them. I love epiphytes, those plants that live up high in the trees, not rooted in the earth. And I love good stories.

One scandal over a rare orchid species crushes people financially, personally and some even end up in jail. It’s unbelievable. And well worth reading.


The Autobiography of Charles Darwin Charles Darwin

We know about Darwin’s work on the theory of evolution but what about his life? Until now I knew very little about the man and his life. This book fills you in on the interesting details of his life. His other book on the Voyage of the Beagle is more exciting; full of adventure. I am satisfied that I now know some details about Darwin’s life. Another recommended title.

What are YOU reading?





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