Leaf clean-up

It’s official: people struggle with fall leaf clean up

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YouTube test

This past weekend I shot a short YouTube video about leaf clean up at one of my commercial sites. Cleverly I called the video “Leaf clean-up hack: bury it out of sight temporarily“; and it has become the most-watched video on my humble YouTube channel. Close to six thousand views. Which is funny; and it shows what a pain it is for people to pick up their leaves in the fall. It’s a chore and when West Coast Landscape Pro offers them a “hack”, they jump at it. Here, take a look and continue reading.

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A hack

I have several mature pin oak trees (Quercus palustris) on my commercial site and when they decide to drop, it can be overwhelming. But it’s not my first season: I took advantage of a long laurel hedge and I buried some of the leafiness into it and behind it. Then came Christmas break.

Luckily, the start to our winter has been mild and I was able to go in and fix it. That’s when I shot the video. And to be honest, it was a relief to finally have the pin oak drop under control. Nobody really noticed; nobody complained. Now I can concentrate on other tasks.

Don’t sweat it!

If you hate leaf clean-up, learn to relax. Pick up some leaves every week and enjoy whatever fresh stuff drops. If you’re busy, don’t be shy about hiding it temporarily.

You can also pile it up and shred it with a mower before using it as mulch. Also, last October I learned about collecting leaves in plastic bags and parking them with the tops open. By summer you should have decent compost to spread over your garden beds.

Finally, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the fall. Many tree species are planted for their beautiful fall colors so look up and enjoy the show. If you’re lucky, the wind will blow your drop over to your neighbour’s place.

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