Stihl LawnGrips Pro 6 boots: the landscape tool for your feet

By April 22, 2017 3 Comments

After destroying my Stihl LawnGrip Pro shoes in the field, it was time to upgrade. I finally found some time to visit my favourite dealer, Tri-City Power Equipment in Coquitlam. I had a pair of the NEW Stihl LawnGrips Pro 6 boots put away. They are designed specifically for landscape professionals and they look good.


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First impressions

These boots feel more like hiking boots compared to the previous LawnGrips Pro shoes and the shoelaces feel much stronger. On the previous model the laces would snap at the worst possible moment or they would come undone.

The outsole is the same and I know from experience that it does offer great traction on fresh-cut or wet turf.

Stihl also added four reflective bars on the side for extra visibility.


Stihl notes

  • 3-D ring closure pairs for better fit and easy boot entry
  • moisture wicking 300g Dri Tec lining
  • patented Grip-N-Go outsole engineered for superior traction on fresh-cut or wet turf
  • cushioned polyurethane midsole for all-day comfort and support on the job
  • steel shank and composite diffusion plate provides protection and stability
  • multi-directional, angled cleats are designed to keep you from slipping
  • steel toe complies with ANSI and ASTM standards
  • CSA Green Patch certified
  • constructed with naturally water-repellant leather (use of waterproofing products recommended


Why Vas loves these shoes

  • They are made specifically for landscape professionals!
  • Comply with safety standards; steel toe boots are mandatory
  • The outsole really prevents slips on freshly-cut or wet grass; this is important when you are pushing a mower
  • Decent retails cost. At $129.95 retail it’s still a good deal compared to other work boots; and other boots aren’t designed specifically for landscape professionals. If you get to know your dealer, you won’t have to pay exact retail. So get to know your dealer.
  • Stihl has great products, from machines to clothes.


If your work boots are getting old and you work in landscaping, give these new boots a try.


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IMG_2867 (1)


(Disclaimer: I am not associated in any way with Stihl Canada or Tri-City Power Equipment. This review is my personal take on these shoes.)



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  • Darren says:

    How do they do in the rain? I’m also involved in lawn care in the Lower Mainland and once the weather turns in October I’m changing footwear. Will they keep your feet dry even with a reasonable amount of rain? I usually switch to rubber boots in wet weather but would prefer something more comfortable. Thanks for the review.

    • Vas Sladek says:

      With overlap from rain pants they’re fine. They get soggy in really ugly November rains. On those days I use rubber boots. Otherwise these boots will do in normal lighter rains. I stick newspapers inside them at home and they dry nicely over night. Give them a try. The new model feels like a hiking boot.

  • Ray says:

    I’ve owned two pair of the Stihl landscape shoes. I found on both pair that they are very cheaply made. The glue on the soles doesn’t hold and part or all of the sole separates from the shoe. Shoe Goo does well. It’s a nice looking shoe but not very durable. I won’t be buying any more of these.

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