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Stihl Dream Machine…..

By January 15, 2016 No Comments

You know the scenario well. You are blowing a strata site and your worker stops you with a question. So you stop and then take the blower off your back to start it again. Back to your leaf avalanches. Then a strata lady stops you with a pressing landscape emergency. You get the picture. I always wanted a better system where I wouldn’t have to take the unit off my back to restart it. And this year Stihl came out with my dream machine, BR 450 C-EF professional blower!


(Image courtesy of Stihl USA,

​Key features:

  1. Electric on/off switch so you can keep the blower on your back and eliminate idling (and excessive noise) as you go from one area to the next.
  2. The blower tube extends by loosening the orange collar, no need to fit two pieces together like on my Echo blower
  3. The trigger has adjustable cruise so you are not stuck at maximum power on cruise control
  4. The trigger is easily moved along the tube with one lock, no need to tighten anything

I am not sure if this blower is available in the Lower Mainland but it is on my wish list!


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