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Why landscapers hate trampolines

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I hate trampolines, especially when they’re parked on lawns, as they inevitably must be. It would be harsh to have your kids fall out of a trampoline and land on cement.


Imagine a small backyard facing north where lack of light means grass struggles to grow and moss feels right at home. Now, also imagine a client who tells you that he’s unhappy with the look of his lawn. So you point out the conditions and the fact that the trampoline never moves.

This is a common problem in lawn care. Lawn owners often fail to consider how their lawn setting affects the condition of their lawn. The client in question has a north-facing lawn; and the weak spot directly under his trampoline proves that grass requires light to grow well. Permanently shaded lawn areas turn to hundred percent moss.

Moving the trampoline every time you mow is also a waste of time. And without help, moving the heavy trampoline sometimes results in damage to the mossy lawn.



Trampoline shading and moss.


A minor miracle

One day I showed up and the hideous trampoline was gone! Yes, finally! It was a minor miracle.

I scraped off the moss with a rake-it was easy!-and over-seeded the bald spot. Now that the grass had access to some light, the weak area greened up. Plants require light to thrive.

Of course, there will always be moss close to the house where shading is the worst. This is another never-ending fight. You can kill the moss, over-seed and wait but eventually the shady, wet conditions will favour moss. Some owners don’t mind putting up a fight every year.

Perfect lawn

I love beautiful lawns and happy clients but landscapers can’t pull-off miracles. If your lawn isn’t perfect, consider the setting first. A north facing lawn will receive less light and will likely have moss in it.

The same goes for trampolines. Pick one: a perfect lawn or a trampoline. You can’t have both because the contraption your kids love so much shades out the grass underneath. Grass requires light so consider recycling your trampoline. Your landscaper will love you for it.



The lawn looks better with the trampoline gone.

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